Bruce Zimmerman

Continuous Innovation . . . Continuous Improvement

      Integrity  . . .  Excellence  . . . Experience


          Bruce Zimmerman 


Welcome and thank you for connecting to me. I always enjoy the opportunity to share my background, knowledge, and expertise. The purpose of my website is to provide an avenue for people to learn more about me from both a professional and personal standpoint.  


I am a highly successful sales professional who is passionate about sales and helping others achieve success. As an innovative, forward thinking sales leader, I excel in complex solutions selling by engaging key stakeholders to challenge conventional thinking and ways of doing things.

I believe that success comes through a combination of one’s personal integrity, a commitment to excellence, and their experience. My tag line of “Continuous Innovation . . . Continuous Improvement" is about continuously striving  to improve and evolve both professionally and personally. I am committed to my clients success as their success is my success. My goal is to be better at what I do so that my clients can be better at what they do! 


Recognized by  SOLDLAB  as a TOP SALES INNOVATOR for expert ideas and now practices for professional selling


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